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With the political session to start in full swing soon, I thought I would take the time to mention a few things. As any reader of this blog knows, I am a concretive both in my faith and politics, I state my opinions, sometimes not very well received by others, but I still state them and stand up for them. I have written in the past about standing tall and proud for your beliefs and crying them from the roof tops so all can hear. I believe I do that, via this blog and in my daily life. Not many who know me do not know were I stand on any given issue, be it my faith or politics.

This election year is a tad bit different for me, this year I not only state my view points, I am also running for a political office, I will be on the August 3rd primary for the very first time in my 44 years of life, and I am excited! The office I am running for is Republican District Delegate, a nonpaid political office, but still an office that will give me a voice. Win or not I know I have tried to make a difference, I took the next step. So wish me luck and pray for me, that if elected I will serve the my district, county and state with strong conviction and God on my side, or should I say with me on God’s side.

Strong conviction, strong state

The ability to actually run for a political office amazes me, the simple fact that this year, on August 3rd when I enter the polling both I will see my name on it, that I, a proud American, can vote for myself is just amazing. And that I can win, well that is something all on its own!

A strong conviction is the driving force behind my run for office, a conviction that America is headed in the wrong direction, that she is headed down a road that Americans do not want, a road the Europe is currently on, a road that lead to the EU bail out of a whole nation. A road called Socialism, a road of Government run corporations and a welfare state that becomes the norm, not the exception. Can I, as a Percent Delegate really do anything about all that, would I posses the power to make a difference. The simple answer, NO! But nothing is ever that simple.

The Complex in the simplistic

As a delegate I would sit in on local conventions for the Republican party, help define the direction and needs of my constituents, I would offer advice and be the go to person for the politicians running for state or national office, offering my communities point of view in to the mix. I could be invited to the national convention to help define the planks of the platform. It gives me a voice, it gives the community a voice and allows the average citizen to enter in to the process.

It is this simple fact that made me decide to enter in to the race, to test the waters of the political ocean, to see how hard the waves truly hit and break. Each voice added to the mix will change the direction just as each stroke of the rowmen add to the direction and speed of the boat. Every person has a roll in this nation, and I am searching for mine.

Faith and Politics

The ability to take my faith in to the political waters is exciting for me, I love the chance, any chance, to share my faith, and more importantly, the ability to apply my faith to the important issues of today. The founding Fathers did this, just read any of their documents and you will see morality and God permeate them. Yet in modern times we have seemed to have lost that, we have drifted away from the framers basic intent, and have driven a wedge between faith and policy.

I am currently reading “Common Sense” by Thomas Pain, one of our Founding Fathers, the book offers many lessons for today’s politicians even though it was written over 230 years ago. Mr. Pain offers his readers, pre-revolutionary war America, an argument for the a separate and distinctive United States of America, one free from England and free from religious tyranny. A lesson that once again needs to be taught.

The Silent Revolution

Today we are privilege to live in a country that has just elected its first African American President, but we are also cursed, not because he is African American, but because he is socialistic in his point of views. The Obama view point is not new, it has, in the past, been offered up as the “great fix” the “cure all” for all that is wrong with the great nation. The “New Deal” and other social programs form the past was the start of this new silent revolution, a revolution that is designed to take away our rights slowly, with minimal direct effect on us, the average citizen. The idea is lull us privet citizens into a dreamy state of dependency on the government, the “Big Brother” who will provide for all our needs. And sadly we have allowed this to happen, we have, in many cased, opened our arms and warmly welcomed the striping away of our individual freedoms, all in the name of social fairness.

But there is a new Silent Revolution brewing. One that is not of the government or establishment, but one that is of the people and for the people, one that wished to return the government to its rightful place, as protector of personal liberties and national securities. One that our founding fathers would recognize as the maturing of the great nation they established over 230 years ago, one that they were willing to lay there life down for. This new Silent Revolutions is the wave that carried me in to the race, the one that lit the fire of passion and conviction with in me.

God Bless


The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine – Include active table of contents
Matthew 24:35“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

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