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The heat wave of 2010 is here, and in Michigan we have been feeling it, with the temps in the upper 90’s but feeling like the 100’s. It’s been a  hot few days, but it looks like it is over, for now. The stupidity of some people never stops amazing me, just the other day on the news was a story of a grandmother who left her three year old grandson in the car, in a parking garage in downtown Detroit for a few hours. Thank God someone saw him and contacted the police. She is now being charged with child abuse, we need to add a law on the books called “Your just plane stupid”.

This Arizona law on immigration and the federal governments lawsuit is just stupid. The federal government is taking to court the state of Arizona for enforcing the very law that the federal government enacted but fails to enforce. Does anybody else see the silliness of this action, or are you to blind from so called “social justice” to see that this law is not only necessary but good for all who come here legally.

The more I read about President Obama and the more I hear the more sad I get. Our nation is under attack from within, and we voted the attackers in to office. Not only the open and blatant attack from the oval office but also from the house and senate. We are being attacked not with guns and dirty bombs but with ideology and rhetoric from the extreme left. This November we must mount our counter attack, and vote out the aggressors.

The current state of the Catholic Church, as I see it, is one in flux. We are experiencing a sort of growing pain. The scandals and continuing debates that have plagued our Church for the last 50 years or so will soon die out, as the faithful become more conservative and the liberal wing of the faith begin to subside. Some will rejoin the fold and others, sadly, will fall away from the true faith. Why do I think this, simply because it is time. God had plans for all things, including His Church, the cleansing is taking place now and soon a rebirth of sorts will happen. Not a rebirth as the liberal Catholics would like to see, woman priest, less sacredness and such, but a rebirth of piety, devotion and the sacraments. This rebirth is the new springtime that the Holy Father talks about.

The other day I attended a Town Hall event for Rick Snyder, who is running for Governor of Michigan. What I was most impressed with was his positive attitude, he never bad mouthed the other candidate and he never was doom and gloom. Sure he was realistic in his assessment of the current state of affairs in this Great State of Michigan, but he always was upbeat and positive about what could be. He was also very humble in the fact that he stated, several times, that he, as governor could not do it alone, that we all needed to help in the salvage mission (The salvage part are my words not his). It was refreshing to hear such positive talk from a candidate for any office. He had my vote before the Town Hall, but now he has it even more so.

I have run across many people who think this way: “I know my child is going to have sex or drink so I will allow them to do it in the house, that way I know were they are” or “ I know they are going to have sex or drink, so I will not only allow them to do so in the house, but I will also provide them with the necessary needs, such as the beer or birth control.” Simply put, this boggles my mind! How can a parent, who is charged with caring for that child, allow and indorse such actions? I know there is nothing you can do to prevent the child from making bad choices, sex and drinking being only two such examples. But to encourage it, to help it along… Come on…. To me it is no different than saying “I know my child is going to cheat so I will show them the best way to do it” or “I know my child is going to murder, so I will get them the gun to do it with”. Yes I know some of you are saying murder and drinking or cheating and sex have no correlation, they are completely different. I am not saying they are on the same level, but the concept is the same. No parent would encourage there child to cheat. They would explain to them that cheating is only hurting themselves and that if you cheat you will never learn anything. That same parent would not allow their child to murder, they would do everything with in there power to prevent such actions, knowing that the action itself would cause not only the death of whom ever the child murdered, but also the death of there child. Not a physical death, but one of the soul. The same is can be said for both sex and drinking, the parent who allows and encourages such action is allowing harm and the possible death too come to that child’s soul.

God Bless


Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue by Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z
Psalm 138:2“I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise your name for your love and your faithfulness, for you have exalted above all things your name and your word.”

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