It never stops, the selfishness


Ok, so the story of the selfish one continues…

As I stated in a previous blog, the mother and her two boys had to move out of my sisters house by the end of the month. Well she did not want to wait, and decided it would be better to sneak out during the day, when she thought my sister would be at work. As it happened, my sister was home, her daughter was having her wisdom teeth removed that day. Much to the shock of the selfish one.

But she moved-out all the same. But to were… Her car… Yep, she figured it was much better to live in her car than to suck-it-up and live for 3 more weeks in my sisters house. To hell with her kids, its all about her, so they, a 9 and 12 year old, were pulled from school to spend the day in the car to sleep in the car.

When she was offered to drop the ids off at my house for the night, by her other son who lives with me, she hung up on him. When he called back to tell her the father of his brothers offered his apartment to her and the boys, yep, you got it, she hung up on him. Its a much more mature and adult response to sleep in the car than to put your immature pride away for a few nights until you find something else.

So phone calls were made to the case worker working with her eldest son, the one living with me, and the offers repeated. Now I am sitting and waiting for a response, to find out the fate of 2 young boys who need a stable environment, one that there mother is not willing or able to provide.

I just do not understand her or others who think like her…


Pray for them…

God Bless


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New Blog is up and running….

I have combined my two main blogs into one new blog, so as of now I will only be updating the new blog, visit the new blog at  An Americans point of View

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The must read book for ALL Americans

I am currently reading a book by Tommy Newberry, The War on Success, this is, by far, one of the best books I have read on the current state of the country, and what the Obama presidency means to America.

Mr. Newberry uses facts, passion and humor to deliver a message that all Americans need to hear. The Obama administration has declared WAR on the American way of life. They are actively undermining the innovators and job creators to help push along there socialistic agenda like no other administration in history, and Mr, Newberry lays it out in simple, fun to read English (you know the language we all should be speaking in America).

This book looks at the American dream, breaks it down and delivers a solid one two punch to the liberal social democrats who believe that the Europeans way of governing a nation should become the American way. By looking at American history, the founding fathers and other political leaders, Mr. Newberry gives a compelling voice to the conservative movement. And his faith in America and God comes through clear as a bell. You will have no doubt that he is a true American and a patriot to boot.

The War on Success should be on everyone’s reading list, a book that every teacher, union worker and politician should have to read. It is a book I will recommend to all my friends and of course to all of you. If you read one book this year on politics, I would recommend this one, Mr. Newberry makes it a fun read with plenty of chuckles and tons of hard hitting facts and a touch of distain for the current direction of American policies.

And for the faithful, he has included a whole chapter on God and Socialism, using the Bible to defend capitalism, making this the perfect gift for the liberal priest, rabbi or minister you listen to each week. Using quotes from the bible and saints he defends the American way and makes the argument for prosperity and profits.

I will soon finish reading Mr. Newberry’s book, The War on Success, and I know I will be a better American because of it.

God Bless


Newberry’s The War On Success;(Hardcover, 2010) How the Obama Agenda Is Shattering the American (The War On Success: How the Obama Agenda Is Shattering the American Dream by Tommy Newberry)

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The Obama Abomination

No political correctness

Image via Wikipedia

 With November coming up soon and the election that will decide the course of this great country of ours, politics have been on my mind, and based on what I am reading and hearing, it is on the minds of most Americans. The news channels are full of political stories the magazines and newspapers are filled with commentaries and articles concerning about politicians and there views. I love the political session and the political process. Sure, I too get frustrated with all the bull crap and lies, I too hate the negative personal attacks but I love the process. The right to vote in America is a privilege, one that our Founding Fathers granted us based on our rights and freedoms as grated us by God. Faith and Politics have always been apart of the American process. This great country of ours was founded on the principles of freedom of religion and freedom from oppression. A fact that our current leaders seem to have forgotten. The Political Correctness of the world is infecting the American way of life, a way of life that has serviced us well for over 200 years. But the current political party in charge, the Obama administration, or better yet, the Obama abomination, seeks to destroy our God-given right to express ourselves, be it in our faith or in or words.But in truth I can not place the origin of this problem on Obama or the current administration, the PCing of the nation has been going on for year, gaining a strong foot hold in the 1980’s and picking up steam ever since. But for the past two years, Obama and his Tagalogs have been doing all they can to break the American spirit and force feed us his liberal line of crap, including political correctness

 Just think about how he and his goons choose to describe the American workers. The Blue Collar workers are now described as “Hard working Americans”. Fair enough, I am sure many of the union workers are hard-working, I know that most Americans do want to work hard for the pay they receive. I know that most union workers see the defect with in the unions and understand the harm their leadership are inflecting upon America. The description itself is not bad, at face value. My problem is not with what is says, but what it fails to say. If Obama is replacing Blue Collar with Hard Working Americans, that what’s that make the rest of us? What are White Collar workers, how about the self-employed or the home makers? Are we the Non-Hard Working Americans?   vote-smart-buttonBased on Obama’s attacks, than yes we are. This administration, more than any other is anti-business anti-growth and anti-American Spirit. American was founded upon and grew upon the backs of people who were willing to take risk, willing to give everything, including there lives, to create a country where hard work paid off. Obama and his policies and rhetoric are diametrically opposed to this. They are anti-growth and anti-prosperity. His simple, PC labeling of one class of works as hardworking places all other working classes in the Not-so-hard-working class.How is this helpful, what was wrong with Blue Collar? Was it some how degrading? Or is this just another example of Obama creating a class-war? I think so. Obama’s words are chosen very carefully, he does not say much that is not scripted, and when he does, think Joe the plumber, he usually says more than he wants to. The slip of words on that faithful day should have been a warning to all Americans, Obama wants class warfare, he wants to create a division between Americans, divide and conquer is his battle cry, and sadly many Americans bought in to it. Now in fairness to some of the voters, Obama did make the socialization of America sound interesting, he called it Hope and Change. Well we are still hoping, we are hoping for real change come this November and again in 2012. The time is now, before it is too late, we must stand up and fight, we must fight with our vote! November is coming, and the new battle cry is remove and replace…. Remove the dead weight and replace with the conservative voice of reason. God Bless


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The Poverty Hype

DENVER - JULY 29: Michael Dunn, a day laborer ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife











I just wanted to share the link below concerning the American poor. Based on my travels to countries such as China, Brazil, India, I would have to agree with the commentary below.

GOPUSA » Commentary » Sherline: Poverty Hype


Mr. Rector also observed, "Many of the popular conceptions about poverty in this nation are inaccurate, particularly the image of poverty as a static and unyielding condition………..We have not only triumphed over poverty as it was historically understood, but that triumph has been so great that we have difficulty remembering what it meant to be poor or even to be middle class in earlier generations." His study concluded:

Today the typical American, defined as poor by the government, has a refrigerator, a stove, a clothes washer, a car, air conditioning, a VCR, a microwave, a stereo, and a color TV. He is able to obtain medical care and his home is in good repair and is not over-crowded. By his own report, his family is not hungry and in the last year he had sufficient funds to meet his essential needs. While this individual’s life is not opulent, it is equally far from the popular images of poverty conveyed by politicians, the press, and activists.

The above text is taken from the the article linked above. I think the problem is that Americans have become use to the idea that they are entitled to own “things” that it is no-longer acceptable to earn what you want, that someone, anyone including the Federal Government should provide all the comforts that we enjoy.

The poor are not truly that poor, compared to the poor of the world. Now some will say, stop comparing our American poor to the worlds poor, this is America. And I agree, but I would have to say we should use that for all of Americas concerns.

Stop comparing our education to the worlds education, stop comparing our healthcare to the worlds, stop comparing our national securities issues with the worlds.

If the standard of the poor does not apply to America, than why should anything else?

Yes we have poor in America, and yes, it is inexcusable in a country as blessed as ours. But lets be honest about what poor truly is. I mean really, do a poor person really have cable TV, internet access and cell phones? Really, they have food on the table and, as we all know, the American poor have comforts that many of the worlds middle class do not enjoy. Lets look at the issue of the poor in a light of truth. Lets set our resources on the true poor, not the “marketable” poor.

America has made an industry out of the poor, only in America can the poor purchase a house, only in American can the poor purchase a new car. Come on think about it… Are they truly poor, or are they just upper lower class or lower middle class?

This election, we as Americans, have a fundamental choice to make. Do we continue down the road of the nanny state or do we take back our country, and return responsibility back to her citizens, like it should be. Do we continue to “entitle” people to prosperity or do we allow them to define there own path, to work for and to achieve or fail at prosperity?

Do we allow the American poor to be used for political gain or do we truly lift up the poor by offering them a hand up, not a hand out. America is a country of opportunities, not a country of redistribution. The ability of every American to archive or fail is the same. America protects the rights of each and every American to pursue happiness, it does not and should not guarantee happiness. The American poor have the opportunity to education and healthcare (despite what the Obama administration would have you think) they have the ability to reach for the stars like any other American. Sure, some will make good and others will not, but the same can be said for America’s rich. The ability to fail is also guaranteed in America, failure is part of life, as is success.

If America is as poor, be it monetary or fairness, as our politicians would have us believe, than why do millions still flock to this country, why do we not see a mass exodus? Why don’t the American people pack up and leave America for a better life, a life were it is more fair to the poor and more opportunities are provided. Basically because there is no other place to go. America, with all of her issues, is still the beacon of freedom and opportunity, despite the rhetoric of Mr. and Mrs. Obama, I am and always have been proud of my country and the opportunities she offers to all.

The American poor, the truly poor, deserve our help, but we must define the poor in the light of truth, not in the light of votes!

Just something to think about….

God Bless



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The Obama EGO

The EGO, or as I like to say, Edging God Out, is a constant them for me. I have posted many articles about the EGO, be it here on this blog or on my other, now defunct blog ( It is a concept I like coming back too, because the problem of the EGO never goes away.

If we look around us, if we look at the current state of affairs in America and the world we can see the EGO hard at work. The current political climate is full of EGO’s. The world politicians are EGO personified, our sport and rock stars live a life of EGO. And we, the everyday person, try to emulate our leaders and stars.

What a sad state of affairs, if I ever saw one.

The EGO is, as I have stated over and over again, evil. It is the devil in us, it is the original sin of Adam and Eve and it will be our down fall.

Currently in American politics it is the EGO that drives the vote. No sound issues, but the praise and worship of whom we vote for. Just look back two years the last election. We was self promotion and praise that we have never seen before. We elected a president who, with his great EGO declared himself “The One” and created his own presidential seal. We now have a president who does not like to be criticized and does not like to be contradicted. We elected an EGO not a president.

We have a government that passes laws and bills that the American people do not want, Health Care is a perfect example. Yet we are told, in a round-about-way, that we, the American people, are too stupid to understand what we want and need. The EGO knew better than us, and the EGO will take care of us.

Obama is the product of our past. A past that believed and tought that he was and is something special, all to him self. Let me explain…

I remember when I was a child watching a cartoon on Saturday mornings, part of the School House Rocks series. The cartoon was about a little girl who thought she was special, because her mom told her she was. And no one liked her, because she was, well simple put, a brat. The lesson in the cartoon, we all are special, in our own way. On the surface, a good message. The problem, we, the American public dropped the ball on that, we failed to remind everyone that they are no more special that anyone else. The result, Obama as president.

Think about this for a second or two. We have a President who get visibly upset when things do not go his way, he lectures us, as if we are school children when we do not agree with him and he, like a little boy playing ball, threatens to take his ball and bat and go home if we do not play the way he wants to play. An EGO is currently sitting in the oval office. An EGO like we have never seen before.

Sure, all politicians and stars have an EGO, some will say that an EGO is a necessary tool, that without an EGO they never would have had the desire to be a star or politician. But I am not too sure…

The EGO, Edging God Out, can not be a good thing, in the long run. An unchecked EGO can murder millions, think Hitler. An unchecked EGO can force their views upon others, think ObamaCare. An unchecked EGO can take down humanity, think Adam and Eve.

An EGO is never a good think, it is always something that should be kept in check. EGO’s never serve anyone but themselves, they don’t even serve the person to whom they are attached to. Once again think Hitler, Obama, Adam & Eve. None of them were or are being served by their EGO. The EGO, by definition, is a selfish entity.

I harp on the EGO, not because I don’t have one, but precisely because I do have one, as we all do. No one is without an EGO, but the difference between an EGOtistic person and the rest of us, we learn to keep ours in check, most of the time.

Jesus, who was without sin, learned to keep His EGO in check, in fact Jesus perfected the ability to keep His EGO out of things. Just think what a different world it would be if Jesus was an EGOtistic savior.

Obama could learn a few things from Jesus, such as how to keep his own EGO in check. But I am sure his EGO will not allow that to happen. With an EGO as large as his, I am confident that the EGO controls him and not Him who controls the EGO.

God Bless


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Obama wants longer school years, not a new idea at all

Charter School of Wilmington side entrance

Image via Wikipedia

The debate of the longer school year has surfaces yet again, and in truth, I have been in this debate for years. In Michigan, when the state first started to offer charter schools, my brother and I ventured to start one. We were the proud owners of Midwest Tech, a school that offered classes to the automotive companies. We saw the opportunity of starting a charter school as an opportunity to educate the youth of Michigan to enter in to high paying engineering jobs. With our experience in the industry, we felt we could offer something other schools could not.

One of the offerings was a more “work” structured school, including, but not limited to. a longer school year. Our reasoning was much along the same reasoning as being offered now: keep up with the worlds best, allow parents to better plan time off and help the students retain information from year to year.

Below is an article concerning Obama’s comments on a longer school year: 

GOPUSA » News » Obama wants longer school years

The problem with education does not come down to days in class nor hours in class, but basically and simplistically, it is a problem of how and what we are teaching. Teachers today are teaching to the standardized test and not to the students. We are trying to play catch up with China and Japan, yet forgetting that we have what it takes to be number one in education, its called the American way.

Americans are not, incase you have not noticed, Japanese or Chinese. We are country of risk takers and innovators and our educational system should reflect this reality. We are a nation built on hard work and finding solutions that are outside of the norm. Our system of education should be no different.

We as a nation, need to stop looking to Japan, China and the other nations of the world to find our solutions, we need to stop trying to be followers and become, once again, the leaders that we know we are.

America is a nation that leads, not a nation that follows, we seem to forget that. Our school system is a mess and has been getting worse ever since the federal government got in to the game of education. We need to revert back to state and local control of our education. The feds need to allow the local communities the ability to implement the best solution for themselves. Not a mandate from up high. Obama, like all other politicians, seems to feel that he knows best, that he, in DC can dictate what our local communities need. They, in Washington, could not be further from the truth. What we need is to be left alone. What we need is a union free educational system that is held accountable to the community, The parents and local business will work at keeping the schools inline and the city and state government will guarantee the education of out youth.

Maybe we need to look back into history, look back to the Greeks and there concept of education. A concept based on critical thinking and expression on great ideas. I read an article the other day in a Catholic newspaper talking about a new online Catholic university that is doing just that. The curriculum is based on “Great Books” and open dialog. The basic idea is simple, each week you read a classic book, the following week, as a class, you discuses the merits of the book. You have an open mind and a guided debate and allow critical thinking to take place. Sure this is not the fix all to our system, but it is one solution that will work to help create a generation of well educated critical thinkers. Something our nation is missing.

Our educational system can not and should not be a one size fits all solution. We need a mix of opportunities to fit our diverse communities. For some a year round system would work, for others a more technical education would work and for yet others a more Greek system would be better.

It is time for the teachers unions to stop protecting themselves and time for out teachers to serve the best interest of our children, It is time for out communities to step up to the place and offer solutions that fit the needs of today and it is time for our Federal Government to back off and allow the communities the freedom to do so.


God Bless


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A Father and a few words

2938884275_8f88c70ab4 fa·ther

/ˈfɑðər/  [fah-ther] 



a male parent.


a father-in-law, stepfather, or adoptive father.


any male ancestor, esp. the founder of a race, family, or line; progenitor.


a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider: a father to the poor.

Above is the online definition of the word Father, a very sterol and somewhat cold description of the word, if you ask me. Yes it is correct but some what cold.

It is only mechanical in its usage, as if a fathers was a job, something you have to do. But anyone who watches the news or reads the paper can tell you all to often, they, the fathers, do not do.

The job, or title of fathers is bestowed upon any male who is able to impregnate a female, it caries with it no value no meaning beyond the mechanics. As most things in this modern society, we have worded and defined our actions in such a way as to no offend others. We do not wish to upset or hurt the fathers who are not performing there parental duty, we wish to limit the harsh words or actions in hopes that our kindness and understanding will convert them to a fatherhood of decency and dignity. But we mustn’t push upon them our understanding of the word father, nor our description of what a father should be….


I, for one, am sick of this politically correct world, a world were the truth is often soften to the point of meaningless. We have made the truth, that is sometimes harsh, a bad thing, in the name of a kinder gentler world. What a load of crap, this is a harsh and often times cruel world, and sometimes the truth hurts.

As many of you know I am taking care of a young man from Cameroon, Africa. He has lived in my house for the past 4 years, he is now 19 and is attending his first year of collage. He has lived in America for a little over 4 years, the first months with his “father” (I use the term lightly).

This man (again, I use the term lightly) was nothing more than a sperm donor, who uses his offspring for a power trip. The years he has lived with me, his “donor” would call, infrequently at best, as a time to yell and degrade his child. He would belittle him and dismiss him in a New York minute. But the power trip for the donor was great and the heart ach of the child even greater.

My task was to care for him, but more importantly to love him, to understand him and to comfort him. Basically it was to provide him everything that his biological father would not.

What, you may ask, brings all this up. Why am I ranting and raving about all this…

A few months ago I posted a blog stating that my boy was going to leave me, that his donor was forcing him to move out of a home that he loved, to become the servant his donor expected him to be. But, thanks to God, it never happened.

Words hurt…

As providence would have it, my son, to donors off spring, did miserably on his ACTs, and that one test, take last year, sealed his fate. His scores were, well lets just say, not in the top 10 nor the top 100. Basically, I think he got points for spelling his name correctly. Now please understand that this is not due to a lack of smarts, but rather to a lack of the command of the English language. But be that as it may, him doing poorly on the ACTs saved his life.

As the time drew near for him to move off to slavery, his donor checked online to view the ACT scores. Upon seeing the, well less than good scores, he proceeded to call his child and inform him that he was stupid and lazy, and that he could stay here and be stupid and lazy.

A God send…

It is true that God works in mysterious ways, and this is one of them. Because of a low test score, that fact that he did not want to waste my money on a retake and his donors inability to care for anything but himself, I have kept my son and he has learned a life lesson.

All-be-it a life lesson no child should ever have to learn, that there “father” is a selfish person. That a “father” could so easily give up his own but also a lesson that many more need to learn. That family sometimes in not related by blood, but rather by love.

The lesson continues…

We figured all was well, his “father” refused to sign for student loans or grants, so we, my sister and I, enrolled him at our own expense, he applied for unsecured loans and all was good, so we thought. But the government seems to accept the PC version of father when it comes to money, and they require his donor to sigh a paper stating that he was not willing to support his own. The end result, his donor refused to sign, and his loans are now in question. We are not sure if he will receive them or not. Once again hurting his own, for his own selfish satisfaction!

All is not lost…

I have yet to give up or give in, my parental instincts are kicking in, even though I have no children of my own. I am ready to fight, to attach and defend what is mine, my boy.  But I know my first responsibility is to my boy, so I am looking to adopt him, if he is willing. Allowing me to insure him and allowing him to receive the loans he needs to gain his education. But with him being a green card American, I am sure there are hurtles that I need to jump and fires I will need to put out before this can happen, not to mention the money needed to do this. But I will do what ever it takes to care for the ones that I love. This is what a Father is, not the words posted at the start of this blog. Love defines fatherhood, sacrifice and commitment, not sperm.

Pray for my son, pray that his heart may be healed…

God Bless


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A little change

You may have noticed a name change to the blog site, it is no longer called STATIC Youth, but now called View Point: Paul. The name change reflects the fact that my company, STATIC Solutions, LLC and the product I created, STATIC Youth, is no longer. So I decided to revamp the site a bit.

For now I will keep the same URL, but I do plan on changing that also, to reflect the change in the name, but I first want to see if I can transfer all my old post over or do I have to start fresh. So a few emails will have to be exchanged with wordpress first.

The name change will not affect the content of the blog, it will still be my views on the Catholic faith, politics and the world around me, but I feel the name change was needed. So to anyone who was a constant reader of my blog, have no fears. For those that are not, well than no worries.

It did sadden me to make the change, but life happens and things change, and I must keep up with what is going on in my life. STATIC is the past and View Point: Paul is the now, we will see what the future brings.  Maybe with the name change I will feel more compelled to blog, who knows, but I do know that STATIC Solutions in no longer the direction for me.

God Bless


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