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Holy Mass

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Michigan is a funny state, in a lot of ways. The weather here can change day to day, one day be in the 70’s the next in the 30’s, we cal this spring. Our political climate is about the same, we are, for the most part a conservative people, yet we vote in liberals. This state just don’t know what it wants.

Our faith can be a lot like Michigan, one day we are all about our prayers and the next we forget we are even Catholic. Us humans, we just don’t know what we want.

Today is Michigan is is raining out, not a big rain, just rain. No thunder or heavy down pours, just a light rain. We need it, the grass and flowers need it. Spring is here so soon the flowers will be up and the grass will be needing it’s first cut.  The outside work will began and soon all will look fresh and new. I love spring for that reason. After a long and cold winter, all the muted browns and the lack of flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass makes for a long winter. Spring is welcomed with open arms. Soon I will be outside raking the dead leaves that somehow made it to the first snow fall and setting up the gardens. Ah spring!

Lent is here for us Christians, lent is our spiritual spring. It’s a time for us to open up the door to our soul and allow the fresh air of Easter to enter in to us. Lent is a time for us to clean out our gardens of all the dead leaves of our lives. The leaf of hatred and jealousy or the leaf of pride and contentment. They some how managed to last through the long and hard winter of our souls.

Spring is a time of renewal a time for new growth and to plant the seeds of new and exciting flowers for your garden. Lent offers us the same opportunities, we are encouraged to renew our faith through prayer, alums and sacrifice. The seeds of new growth are plated during the Lenten session, but like a new flower seed, if it is not cared for, given water and the nutrients it needs, it will wither and die. 

The sacrifice of the Holy Mass and the reception of the Eucharist are our nutrients we need to care for the new seeds planted during Lent. Gardens need to be weeded and cultivated to allow the good seeds to grow. The same is true for our souls, we need to weed and cultivate our souls to allow the seeds that God has planted to grow. Holly Mass the reception of Holly Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are the tools and means of such work.

Being Catholic takes work, it requires time and effort from us. Lent offers a time for us to all work together as a community. For all of us to share in the struggles of being Catholic.

Sure, we have our hard winters in Michigan and I have my hard winters being Catholic. I know as a life long Michigander that if I wait a second the weather will change, the same is true with my Faith, I know that if I wait a second I to will change.

God Bless


Catholic Faith Facts Q&A for Lent And Easter (Catholic Faith Facts)
1 John 1:9“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

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