The 3 Dots and much more…

It has been sometime between blogs as of late, it seems that I write with the intentions of getting back in to the daily routine of blogging everyday, but never seem to do it, something always seems to get in the way. For example, yesterday was I just had no ideas, the time before was no time before I start working…. All of them excuses to be lazy! That’s all it is, excuses… I can create a million of them if I choose too, and as of late it seems I have chosen too. I have used everyone in the book except  for “The Dog ate it” but I am sure that one will come up next.

The funny thing is, I really enjoy the process of blogging, at first I didn’t, I hated it.  I hate that my mistakes can be seen by all, and knowing how bad I am at spelling, I knew there would be tons of mistakes, not to mention the fact that I love run-on sentences, they pop up everywhere, it’s like I just keep talking and talking and never stop for a breath, in truth that’s the way I talk, so that’s how I write…

I also like to use … (three dots) a lot, to me it represents a pause to think, it’s like a computer that is booting up, the dots represent the process for me, this way I let you know that I am thinking of were to go next with this rambling… Do I continue on with it or do I chance course, and start a new paragraph?

I am sure an English teacher would have a field day with me and my odd ways with the English language. But such is life, in a world were we are politically correct concerning every aspect if life, I feel that I to deserve protection from the cruelty of others for my bad English. Were is the ACLU fighting for my cause, why hasn’t the congress passed laws to protect my right to miss-spell and us bad punctuation? Why do I have to suffer under the voices of correctness?

It seems to me that my blogging has improved my ability to spell and my over all English. This blog has nurtured my ability to write, has given me confidence that I never had before and has allowed me to process my views and thoughts in an open forum. What a truly marvelous thing it is!

The ability to blog has also allowed me to be a tad bit split in my personality, you see I write to blog’s, this one (STATIC Youth) my Catholic voice blog and my more touchy feely blog (You can be new). The You can be new blog allows me the ability to explore more of the mind more of the positive feelings and positive thought process. Allows me to dive in to the project your destiny point of view. Some would call it “New Age”, but in truth it is not, it is based in solid Christian teachings, but with a more secular voice behind it.

Blogs allow me to have several voices, I can be the conservative I am, or if I choose I can play the voice of a liberal, as I see them. Blogging allows me the freedom to be who I am and who I want to be all at the same time. I can cry with out shame and at the same time beat down my foe’s with out anyone the wiser to who I really am. Blogging is the freedom I long for and the responsibility I all to often run from…

In this blog as in my other blog I have often talked about freedom, or as I like to call it Authentic Freedom. To me there is a vast difference between Freedom and Authentic Freedom.  One is more or less what we chose it to be were as the other is our God given gift. Freedom all to often is defined as a human choice, I chose to be free, I choose to do this or that and be dammed with the consequences. That is freedom as humanity defines  her, not as God had intended her to be.

Authentic Freedom, the Freedom God intended for us is a freedom with responsibilities. We are free to love Him [God] or not, we are free to care for our neighbors or not we are free to pursue happiness in Him or to find sadness outside of Him. This is Authentic Freedom a Freedom that will last forever.

Here in the United States of America our founding Fathers understood that, they wrote that in to our Constitution, that all People are free to pursue Happiness (please note that they never guaranteed Happiness, just the ability to pursue it).

[By the way my random capitalization of words is not as random as you may think, I use capitalization as a way of showing importance, so when I capitalize the work Happiness above I did so to inform you that I consider that an important word.]

Happiness is more than just doing as you please, or obtaining pleasure for the moment, Happiness is a life long journey. One that we embark upon as young men and women, in pursuit of the American Dream. But sadly what happens is people confuse Happiness with I’ve got everythingness, or I want everythingess to be happy. It truly is a sad thing to see so many people so truly unhappy. When in truth Happiness is not hidden from us, but rather it is in the wide open. We can see it from every corner and field, we can hear it in the songs of the birds and smell it in the memories of our minds. Happiness is not elusive, we are.

We, as a fallen race, find ways to evade Happiness, we look for ways to cheapen it, to dilute it. Take sex as an example, we have cheapened it to point were sex is nothing more than a way to gain instant gratification, yet we now wonder why our society has lost the ability to love. We have taken the value of humanity and cheapened it to the value of a cup of chemicals, yet we as sickened by all the abortions we see.

We seem to find ways to cheapen our humanity, ways to draw us further from Christ, yet we act surprised when our Happiness is still out of our grasp.

Authentic Happiness is there, we can achieve it, if we truly want to, the problem is most of us do not wish to. We do not want to give up what we perceive as our happiness, yet we want what is truly Happiness, but on our terms…

So what are your term, what are you willing to do to find Authentic Happiness? What are you willing to give up or give in to? It is the question of the ages… One that has been asked since the first human walked this earth, and we all know what Adam did, he too chose what he thought would “feel good” he too chose the instant gratification route.

Nope this isn’t a new question, but it is the pivotal question for all of humanity, and one that can only be answered one person at a time. A few have done it, to one degree or another, St. Francis or Mother Teresa, but most of us are not St. Francis or Mother Teresa, most of us are just plain and simple us.But come to think of it, so were they, St. Francis was just plain and simple Frances and Mother Teresa was just Teresa. So why can’t we to find that Authentic Happiness they did, what did they have that we have not…


Plane and simple faith, the uncomplicated kind the kind that doesn’t look for the loop holes or the kind that doesn’t try to pigeon hole us, the kind of faith the in-of-itself is Authentic, the faith that comes from God.

Most of us follow a faith that has been corrupted by humanity, mainly ourselves, we try to be over analytical or over educated or over achievers or over this or under that, yet we never try to just let it be, plane and simple faith, as it was meant to be. As Jesus himself said, the faith of a Child is what we need to enter heaven. Note that Jesus did not say the faith of an Doctorate was needed, nope just that of a Child. But all to often we over look this, or we look to deeply in to it, yet a Child is simplistic it it’s love and understanding, there is nothing complex about it. It is adulthood that muddies the water and makes the simplistic complex.

How Jesus must shake his head at us sometimes. I can hear Him talking to His mother “Mom, why are they making it so hard on themselves, can’t they see that it’s not that difficult!”  And Mary would respond with “They are only human, they can’t help it, not everyone was born both God and Man as you were my son, they are slow to learn and even slower to act.”

We are simple creatures that like to complicate the world we live in. It makes us feel superior to others, but mostly to ourselves.

… This to me seems like a good place to end this blog… So I will


About Paul Sposite

Paul Sposite - Life Coach I began my career as an instructor. As an instructor there are two basic requirements. You have to know yourself, so you know where you’re drawing your inspiration from. And you have to actively listen to the others, and then respond to the subtext of what they are saying. In learning about myself I started to focus a lot on my students, how they learned, what questions they were asking and how I could best modify my methods to best serve them. I believe that if you use your real life problems/issues as insights to the issues you need to heal, you’ll grow. From my experience in the classroom, creating curriculum and material to support my training, I developed an interest in how people process information. This interest turned into my interest in Life Coaching.
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