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Whispers of Love

Whispers of love, that’s what God offers us, no shouts, no yelling, just soft gentle whispers of love.   God communicates and is in communion with us at all times, we may not feel it, or know it, but that … Continue reading

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I can hear you, but I ain’t listening

I can hear you, but I ain’t listening… We all have done that, we hear what the other person is saying, but we are not listening to them. I always think of Charlie Brown, you know how the adults talk … Continue reading

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New Evangelization Ain’t that New

Being a Catholic is not easy; being a Saint is even harder. Not that I would know about being a Saint, but I do know about being Catholic. As Catholics we are called to live our faith in our everyday … Continue reading

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Shh, listen for the quiet

Whisper… Shhh… Quiet… The sounds of silence, all to often we do not hear that sound.  The sound of nothingness, is it really a sound? As the age old questions goes, If a tree falls in the forest, and no one … Continue reading

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