Destiny in a Flux

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Yesterday was Fathers Day, so to all the dad’s Happy Fathers Day! The word dad is a lot larger than the 3 letters that make it up, the word dad encompasses a whole concept and radical idea, or at least in today’s world it seems radical. As of late the media has been hot and heavy on the idea of downplaying the rolls of dad’s in the family life. their have been several articles published about how the man is not a necessary part of family life, and some that have even gone so far as to state that the dad is a detriment to the family. Now I will admit that most have been written by anti-male femi-Nazi’s but still the media has taken and run with it. They have published the reports as if they came from God Himself. They have done what I expected them to do, they have taken an extreme liberal point of view, regardless of the facts, and have pushed it on the collective American conscience as a fact, using political correctness and guilt as its main arguments.

The basic idea of life with out men is not a new one, we saw this in the 60’s and 70’s when the bra burning femi-Nazi’s where in there hey-day, when everyone was all about equality of the female with no regards to the actual differences. We experimented with this with the gender neutral toys and the striping of masculinity from the male species.  They have called murder reproduction rights and sexual deviances as lifestyle choices and have forced their point of view upon us as acceptance or die.

The attacks from the left are nothing new, but to me it seems that with the Obama era in play they have stepped up there attacks, become bolder and more outspoken. they use to hide behind what seemed like sound and sensible laws or ideas, but now the are open and bold about the anti-American and anti-God speak. They boldly claim the truth of there ideas as what they are, and the media eats it up.

It is a sad day when a society can rationalize the uselessness of men in the family life. When we can determine that a male is not necessary and is considered a detriment to the over all health of the family unit. They have or are trying to reduce the male to noting more than a sperm donor an object to be used and than discarded. They have, in their minds, reduced masculinity to a negative attribute, and elevated the femi-Nazi to a status of exalted. It is a sad and sick world when we allow the destruction of manhood.

The next target will be children, they will find a study or create a study that shows having children are a detriment to your health and lifestyle, oh wait, never mind, they already did this and won, it’s call abortion. How can one gender,regardless of sexual orientation, honestly think that the male is, well frankly, disposable? Just basic genetics tell you that a male is needed to keep the human race going. Well unless they have discovered away to reproduce with out the help of a male. Maybe they have uncovered the secret of the A-sexual life style… Who knows…

What I do know is that God created man and woman and it was very good. I do know that as of this point in history it takes one of each to make a new one and I also know that all studies, legitimate studies, prove that a complete traditional family is the best.

Maybe I am over reacting, but I don’t think so, the Obama generation is one hell bent on destroying the fabric of this nation, and now that they have their supreme leader in power they will stop at nothing, not even the truth or real facts will get in their way. They are a frights train on a collision course with destiny, a destiny that is in a flux at the moment.

Destiny in a Flux

What flux is destiny in? And who’s destiny am I talking about?

Second question first, I am referring to the American destiny, our collective destiny, the one that ties us all together as one nation, one people. The same destiny that lead to the discovery of the Americas, to the fight for independence and the beacon of freedom to the world.  A destiny that defines us all as Americans the very same destiny that forged this great nation and created the land of liberty. They very destiny that the Statue of Liberty solutes each and everyday, and the very destiny that millions of refuges seek-out and risk life and limb for daily.

As for the first question, the flux is a paradigm shift of epic size and repercussions. The very fabric of this nation, the fabric that was sown with the treads of Christianity and liberty are being tugged and pulled, the fray is growing and the tear is increasing. The fabric that created the patchwork of America, with its many cultures and distinct interpretations of Her inhabitance is being bleached and patched over with a square of generic color, creating a quilt with no distention, yet all the time the battle cry of diversity is yelped from the hilltops. The flux is increasing its scope and range to now include the masculinity of humanity, relying on only the femininity of creation.

The modern cry of “I am woman, hear me roar” has been changed to “I am woman, no one else matters”.  And the established media seems to be accepting this, more than just acceptance but more of a wholesale purchase of it. And they are more than willing to give out for free to the general public! This sickens me!

The ability for the minority left to gain so much press attention with non-truths and out and out lies never ceases to amaze me. The left has mastered the art of deception to the point of not recognizing the facts or truths of the issues. The lies become reality to the ones who tell the lie enough times. The mantra becomes the common place among the norm of the nation. Yet if the left were to take a true pulse of this nation they would find a very different reality. They would find a reality centered in the Christian tradition with right of center views. Yet they seem to miss this in all the research and reports they produce. the left is an a reality that is all there own. The flux in the forced shit the current administration and his cohorts are forcing upon the American public!

God willing, come this November we will have the courage to take back our country, remove the blinders of a Utopia and once again allow America to be who She is distend to be, a leader in the universe who stands for liberty and justice, one who will fight for the freedom of nations and the pursuit of happiness. One where men are not marginalized and where the most vulnerable do not have to fear for there little live before they can even see it.

The reality is simple, if we continue down this road we will not have to concern ourselves with outside terrorist, the femi-Nazis will take care of it all for them.



God Bless


Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning
Psalm 91:1“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

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