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I have had to write a few blogs on saying goodbye, I have had to say goodbye to both of my parents, to my grandparents and to a nephew along with my dog. Each of the goodbye’s offered me a lesson in life, and each, in there own way took a part of my heart with them.

Goodbye can often times be the hardest words we ever speak. We can say goodbye to a loved one or friend who is moving away or goodbye to someone who has passed on. We say goodbye when our friends leave to return home after a visit and after the end of a long work day. The word holds a lot more meaning than just a simple “see you latter” or “nice of you to visit”

    This phrase comes from God be with you. It has been shortened over the years since 16th century. Shakespeare used "God be wy you." The substitution for good for God seems to have been mainly due to the influence of such phrases as " good day" and " good night."

Source: Dictionary of Word Origins. John Ayto.

As you can see the phrase means more, its meaning has a Christian root, with a very powerful blessing. A blessing that is calling on God to be with, to protect and to bless the person you are bestowing it upon. In saying your goodbye’s you are blessing them. The power of a blessing is the power of God. So the sadness that comes with a goodbye should be seen in the light of the blessing you are invoking on them, in Gods name.

This thought should help in the sadness of the parting, it should give you cause to stop and praise God for the ability to call upon Him and to invoke His love to watch over and protect His children. As Catholics we understand the need to blessings for our loved ones who have passed on, we understand that their souls enter into purgatory, a place of purification, a cleansing before they enter into heaven. Our goodbye’s, if thought of as a blessing, are prayers to God offered up on behalf of our loved ones.

Goodbye, a lonely word if not looked at correctly. But with the light of truth shining upon it, we can see that there is nothing lonely about it. What is lonely about telling some one “God be with you”?

So until next time, Goodbye….

God Bless


Arcade Dictionary of Word Origins the Histories of more Than 8,000 English-Language Words
Proverbs 31:30“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

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