Between Sleep and Awake

Bachalpsee in the morning, Bernese Alps

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Each and everyday we all wake with the opportunity to make a difference in our lives. We awake with an newness that only exist in that moment. The moment before reality sets in. What we chose to do with that moment can make or break our day.

that sounds a little “new age”, but it is the truth. There is that moment when life and reality are separated, a moment that can and does define us for the rest of the day. The moment between sleep and awake, we all know it, its that moment when the breeze seems lighter and fresher and the smells seem sweeter and stronger. the sounds of the world give away to the sounds of nature. It’s that moment when all of Gods creation are singing praise to Him.

I love that moment, but all to often we allow it to slip away, we awake to fast or fall back in to the darkness of sleep. But every now and than we seize the moment, make it ours and define the day. We take the sweet smells of creation and turn them in to the fragrance of love and understanding. We harness the sounds of nature and use them to hear the truth of the world and we let the soft breeze of the Holy Spirit guide our movements as if we were a leaf blowing lazily in the spring breeze.

We allow the poetry of the day to speak to us, and the caressing words of Christ to calm us. We feel secure in the world around us and are filled with the hopes and dreams of a child. The soft scent of heaven drifts just above us, tantalizing us to follow in to the alpha and omega of creation. The Great I AM calls to through the natural splendor our eyes seem to see for the very first time. The sharpness of focus seems almost alien to us, yet somehow more natural, almost organic in its sensation.

The time between sleep and awake is a time of the heavens here on Earth, the time between sleep and awake is the time of communion with the heavens. It is a time of oneness and peace. It is a time of dreaming and reality and time of love and understanding.

Many know this time I am speaking of, all have experienced it, yet some reject it. This is a time of innocence and youth, a time of purity and simpleness. It is a time of trust, a trust in the reality of Heaven a trust in the love of God and His creations. A trust in the senses that often times are untrustworthy.

The Psalms sing of such a time, a time when God filled there hearts. A time when the joys of this world were pale to the joys of the next. It is in that moment between sleep and awake that we get a glimpse of the next world. And the Psalms sing if the glimpses.

So the next time you find yourself in that brief moment between sleep and awake, savor it for what it is, a brief moment of heaven. Allow the scenes to be overwhelmed, experience the sensation of a oneness you never thought was possible. And allows the soft breeze of the Holy Spirit to sweep you away as a spring breeze sends a leaf of a journey of flight.

God Bless


Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Book Of Psalms



Matthew 18:15“[A Brother Who Sins Against You] "If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.”

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