Our Own Personal Judas

The Catholic Church has been attached, but not from the outside but from with in. We have our own Judas and its name is Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

What are the charges, what have they done to deserve the name Judas? Why would I title them with the name of our blessed Lords trader? Judas convicted our Lord to death because he found our Lord to be in the way of his personal plans. Judas wanted a revolution, he wanted Jesus to be the leader of this. But Jesus had other plans and they conflicted with what Judas wanted, so Judas had our Lord put to death.

The  CCHD is doing the same. They have a plan and the Catholic Church is in there way so they are willing to have her put to death. They are willing to sacrifice the Holy Church for there evil designs.  they are willing to offer up the weakest among us to advance there evil designs.

Just as Judas was willing to forsake our Lord so is the CCHD. Below is an article concerning CCHD and their deeds, also please visit www.realcatholictv.com to watch an report on the CCHD.  Than make sure you let your outradge be known. Share this blog with your family and friends, write letters to the Catholic Conference of Bishops and to the Vatican demanding that the CCHD be SHUT DOWN NOW!


March 12 2010 from pewsitter.com

CCHD Promotes Pro-Abortion Groups In ‘Stations of the Cross’

By Staff Writer

Washington, DC (11 March 2010) – A new “Stations of the Cross” devotional from the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development profiles five CCHD grantees involved in the promotion of abortion or same-sex marriage.
“During these final weeks of Lent, we ask the bishops cut funding for the CCHD until a complete investigation and overhaul is conducted,” said Michael Hichborn, American Life League’s lead researcher into CCHD grants and a members of the Reform CCHD Now coalition. “It is unacceptable that a Lenten devotion beloved by millions of Catholics the world over would be commercialized to include “prayers” that are little more than fundraising pitches for pro-abortion and same-sex marriage groups.”
Groups profiled in the Reform CCHD Now report on the Stations include:

  • The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition – for making statements in support of abortion and for promoting a pro-abortion group.
  • The United Workers’ Association – for joining the Equality Maryland coalition in support of same-sex marriage, and for remaining on the Health Care for America Now coalition, which is fighting to include abortion funding in health care reform legislation.
  • Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement – for participating in a forum that promotes homosexual activism.
  • People Organized for Westside Renewal – for joining three coalitions that actively promote abortion and same-sex marriage.
  • New Mexico Acequia Association – for espousing anti-Catholic theological views and professing full support for a pro-abortion organization.

“Until these issues and those highlighted by the Reform CCHD Now coalition in the past 6 months have been resolved, we respectfully ask the bishops to follow the lead of the seven bishops  who have cut off funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in their diocese,” said Stephen  Phelan, communications  manager for Reform CCHD Now partner, Human Life International.
To sign the petition to “ensure no more Catholic dollars are spent to support organizations advocating abortion or same-sex marriage,” go to www.ReformCCHDnow.com.
Reform CCHD Now:



Benedict XVI: Way of the Cross
Romans 8:28“[More Than Conquerors] And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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