One Morning at a time…

When you wake up and start your day, is it “Good Morning God…” or “Good God! It’s morning!…”

Silly question I know, but one that can truly change your outlook on the whole day, well truly on the whole world. How you decide to start your day will determine how your day goes.

In truth you only have the two basic choices listed above, sure there may be nuances to each, but in the end they boil down to “Good morning God” or “Good God! It’s Morning!” So what is it with you? Are you glad it’s morning, or do you dread it?

Often times we allow our fallen human nature to take over; we allow it to control our actions and thoughts. We allow “God God! It’s Morning!” to control our day. We allow the negativeness of humanity to penetrate our mind, soak in to our hearts and seep in to our souls. We have let our guard down, and allowed the evil one to form our words.

On the first morning of creation Adam awoke to paradise, he awoke to God smiling down at him and on his lips were the words, “God Morning God”. Adams outlook was bright and he faced the world knowing that God the Father was at his side.  Adam did not know the opposite of “Good morning God”, Adam could not conceive of a life where God was not at his side, nor of a life that was not worth waking up to. The idea that the perfection of the world God had created was not a worthy sight never entered his mind.

It was not until the fall of humanity that Adam dreaded waking; it wasn’t until Adam failed to see the perfection of God’s creation that “Good God! It’s Morning” were uttered from his lips. In our own search for perfection, our egotistical want for godliness we sinned. We took away from our lips “God Morning God!” and replaced it with “Good God! It’s Morning!”

The fall of humanity has forever altered our outlook on God’s creation and has changed our relationship with God. We now have to make an effort to see the perfection in His creation. We have to strive to love him and work at maintaining our closeness to Him. “Good Morning God” now seems like an effort, the words seem to get stuck on our lips and dry up and are blown away in the winds of despair.

Sure we can say the words if we want, they can be spoken each and every morning, but unless they are said from the soul, with conviction and love, God never hears them. They are empty and meaningless. They are spoken for all the dead in Christ to hear.

Adam was never again able to regain that what was lost, paradise, and we in our efforts through the death and resurrection of Jesus can now regain what Adam could not. But the effort must start in the soul; the movement of the soul will form the words on our lips, and our heart gives it a voice. The words no longer turn to dust but now they take fight and lift up to the heavens for God to hear. Our “Good Morning God!” now has conviction and our Lord takes delight in it, and we will gain graces from Him, for our day will be one set out on the path to the garden and we will start to right was Adam has made wrong, one morning at a time.


About Paul Sposite

Paul Sposite - Life Coach I began my career as an instructor. As an instructor there are two basic requirements. You have to know yourself, so you know where you’re drawing your inspiration from. And you have to actively listen to the others, and then respond to the subtext of what they are saying. In learning about myself I started to focus a lot on my students, how they learned, what questions they were asking and how I could best modify my methods to best serve them. I believe that if you use your real life problems/issues as insights to the issues you need to heal, you’ll grow. From my experience in the classroom, creating curriculum and material to support my training, I developed an interest in how people process information. This interest turned into my interest in Life Coaching.
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