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Inspiration was how the bible was written, God inspired the writers, to write the word of God down for generations to read, how cool is that! We read about and learn about people who are inspired by God, the great … Continue reading

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Odd Dreams

Last night I had a dream, well sort of; it was more of an almost asleep dream. You know that magical place between awake and sleep. Well that’s where I was, and have been most nights for hours; more on … Continue reading

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I hate meetings, for the most part they are a waste of time, but I have to attend them and sometimes I even have to host them. When I do have to host a meeting, I try to make them … Continue reading

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Lost it all

Last night, well really all day yesterday I worked my butt off on a document for STATIC Youth. It’s a book for the fall classes on Service, STATIC requires that the middle schoolers perform a service project of some sort, … Continue reading

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The Hook

Some of you may or may not know this, but STATIC Youth is a corporation that is currently in its infancy stage. We are developing a dynamic and innovative middle school aged education/ministry program. We (my partner Theresa and I) … Continue reading

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Gods Gifts

We all receive gifts from the Holy Sprit, some get wisdom, other get speaking in tongues, and still others the gift of healing. But I would venture to guess that most of us do not believe we have received a … Continue reading

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Sometimes nothing comes to me, I just don’t know what to write about, and today is one of those days, I have started to blog about 3 times already and deleted them all. But I am determined to post something … Continue reading

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