Positive News?

 Do a Google on the search term “positive news” and you will get about 11,900,000 hits. That’s a lot of websites, now I am sure it’s not all positive news stories, but I did look at a few sites, and was surprised at what I found.


Did you know there is a newspaper that only prints positive news stories, yep, called Positive News US edition . There is a UK edition, and other places around the world, I think I will subscribe to it, it would be nice to read something positive.


Bad news sells, how sad is that? Tragedy strikes and news ratings skyrocket, not really saying a lot about us all is it? Our need to see others down and out, hurt or other destructions is almost sickening, we seem to wait for it, anticipate it, but why? I think it’s our attitude, how we look at and perceive things.



“Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It’s a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don’t have.”




We want to be happy, but we look to others and what they have or don’t have to determine our own happiness, so when we see a story of misfortune of others, it lifts us up on the outside, but our souls morn for our loss of humanity. We flock to bad news, we crave it, and we use it to build up our own self, but in reality we are destroying our selves. Our hearts are made heavy with the burden of others, as we use them and take advantage of there misfortune, our souls are shrouded with despair as we kick and pull at the downtrodden. Our minds are conflicted with pity and distain for all we see but do not understand.


We are a fallen people, imperfect in our nature, and we are created to become more, we strive for perfection, but in an in perfect way, for we can not help it, it is our nature to overpower the week, and imperfect.


As Pope John Paul II stated, we are a culture of death, we feed of the power of life in our control, all to help lift us up, make us feel stronger and better about ourselves, all veiled in a cloth of lies and destruction.


We need positive news, we need Happiness in our lives, and we need a soul fill with Gods graces to help us fly to the heights of greatness, we need a heart fill with compassion and understanding to help us build the love in to all we do and we need a mind filled with visions of God, to help us see as he does, to see Jesus in all we meet.


It is a sad world we view and read about, but it is a great and wonders world we live in…



About Paul Sposite

Paul Sposite - Life Coach I began my career as an instructor. As an instructor there are two basic requirements. You have to know yourself, so you know where you’re drawing your inspiration from. And you have to actively listen to the others, and then respond to the subtext of what they are saying. In learning about myself I started to focus a lot on my students, how they learned, what questions they were asking and how I could best modify my methods to best serve them. I believe that if you use your real life problems/issues as insights to the issues you need to heal, you’ll grow. From my experience in the classroom, creating curriculum and material to support my training, I developed an interest in how people process information. This interest turned into my interest in Life Coaching.
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