Dream as a Peasent

God provides us with the ability to dream. We can dream the big dreams or we can dream small. Me I dream big, I dream the dream the dreams not of kings but of peasants.

How can the dream of peasants better, bigger and greater then that of kings? Kings have no reason to dream big, they just need to keep the current dream going. Great or small, it don’t matter, it’s just keeping things going as they are. But peasants, now they have to dream big, because anything they can dream is far greater to them the life they have. They dream of freedom, money and a live of ease.

Now I don’t  dream of money or the life of ease, but I do dream of freedom. This may cause you to question where I live, and yes I do live in the land of the free, the good old USA, so why am I dreaming of freedom?

Well I am not talking about freedom as in a free country, but rather freedom in a spiritual seance. Freedom of sin, freedom of pride and ego. A freedom to live the life God intended for me. But with the slavery of this world, the slavery of sin, I am not truly free.

To be truly free does not mean that I can do what I wish to whom I wish, but rather, it’s the freedom to live the life that I was created to live. The life of freedom is why Jesus was crucified on the cross for us.

This freedom is a dream of all Catholics, or at least it should be, it should be the dream of every human, but sadly it is not. Most of us think of freedom at the ability to do as we wish, but that’s not freedom that just plan silly. The ability to do as we please just means that we are spoiled and act as a child saying, “But I want to!” freedom is not a because I want to statement, but rather it’s a “Because it will please God” statement, that is true freedom.

So dream big, dream of a freedom that will truly make you free, not only here on earth, but also in heaven for all eternity!


About Paul Sposite

Paul Sposite - Life Coach I began my career as an instructor. As an instructor there are two basic requirements. You have to know yourself, so you know where you’re drawing your inspiration from. And you have to actively listen to the others, and then respond to the subtext of what they are saying. In learning about myself I started to focus a lot on my students, how they learned, what questions they were asking and how I could best modify my methods to best serve them. I believe that if you use your real life problems/issues as insights to the issues you need to heal, you’ll grow. From my experience in the classroom, creating curriculum and material to support my training, I developed an interest in how people process information. This interest turned into my interest in Life Coaching.
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2 Responses to Dream as a Peasent

  1. Will says:

    Quality quote. Gonna use some of it in an assembly mate. – Will

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